Student Ambassador Program

By: Dusty Langdon

Do you excel in school? Do you like to volunteer? Are you a natural-born leader? If so, ICC’s Student Ambassador Program is the one for you.

The Student Ambassador Program is an impressive program that allows students to use their leadership and Public Relations capabilities in real life settings around and off campus.

The Student Ambassador Program began in a Communications 115 class. The students of this class were tasked with coming up with a new program for ICC students that would allow them to showcase their abilities and promote the college. They came up with a simple program that has these requirements according to their page on the ICC website:

·        3.0 GPA

·        Enrollment in ICC Ambassador in Training

·        Enroll as a full-time student (12+ credit hours per semester)

·        Participate in program 5-7 hours per week

The students who wrote the requirements and general outline of the program are now working as interns for the program. The 6 of them are currently working with Brent Goken, a Professor of Communications/Public Relations, to volunteer and help ICC put on events during the semester.

The interns consist of Riley Bloom (Marketing Major), Bryce Galvin (Public Relations/Communications Major). Faith Pedersen (Public Relations Major), Mallory Shaver (General Communications Major), and Madeline Phelps (Marketing Major). They are currently working together in the Student Ambassador Program to become the face of ICC and assist with marketing and volunteering opportunities for the college.

Referred to as a pilot program, the Student Ambassador Program is testing the waters this semester with these six interns, and working out the kinks so that the next generations of Ambassadors will continue to excel and show off what ICC students have to offer.

The internship will last 12 weeks this semester, since it is a trial run, but the hope is that in the following years the internship will last for a whole semester. Students who participate will work with the college to coordinate campus tours, open houses, the ICC Information Desk, and recruiting events.

The internship will count as a 3-credit Communications internship. It will provide students will practical event planning experience, utilize their Communications and Public Relations backgrounds in a professional setting. They will wear a uniform when needed, business, and business casual outfits in a setting that will also teach them how to dress for specific events.

Currently, the Student Ambassador program is looking for Communications majors to build the program’s PR and Marketing skills. Eventually, the program hopes to expand its Ambassadors to all majors, and encourage more students to join. The impressive title and volunteer work that the Ambassadors do pad their resumes for colleges and future careers in Marketing and PR.

The program hopes to expand their volunteer work by going to local high schools and promoting ICC and the Student Ambassador Program. It wants to expand the program to involve more majors and more diverse students. The program will cover charity events around campus and around Peoria, including Jim Maloof’s Legacy of Love for the Arts, which will take place in April. This will provide the interns with valuable marketing, volunteering, and public relations experiences in a real-time environment.

The Student Ambassador Program is an exciting program created BY students. FOR students. It is a valuable experience and networking opportunities for students hoping to move on to either 4-year colleges, or students moving on to PR and Marketing programs. It will offer students an impressive title and exciting work experience that will follow them for the rest of their lives.

Students can apply to and ask questions about the Student Ambassador Program on ICC’s website, and can email Brent Goken with any questions at


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