Rings Star Bonnie Morgan Calls ICC

Professor Chianakas invited the Harbinger crew to his exclusive interview!

A Personal Column by Rachel Klein

EAST PEORIA – I talked to Samara on the phone and didn’t die seven days later.

On the cold Thursday afternoon of Jan. 26, I got to talk to the actress and contortionist, Bonnie Morgan.  Morgan plays the terrifying Samara Morgan in the new Rings movie which came out in theaters Feb. 3.

Joseph Chianakas, an Illinois Central College professor of communications, has a horror book trilogy.  He now maintains a horror blog, which is why he arranged the interview with Morgan.

Chianakas conducted most of the interview, but generously offered to let me ask Morgan some of my own questions.  She was more than happy to answer as many of our questions as possible within the small amount of time she had in her busy schedule.

My first question for Morgan was about Rings and the incredible transformation from her normal bright red hair to the long black hair and blue skin tone of Samara. 

Morgan says it took three people six and a half hours to get her into the full Samara look and two hours to get out. This includes 43 total applications, including five on the face and finger and toe caps.  

Morgan includes that Samara is constantly wet and dripping, therefore she had to be.  “I’m basically wearing blue, black, and brown KY Jelly,” she laughed.

“When I’m ready to go on I look like I’m prepped for surgery, except I’m already dead,” she jokes.  

When asked what we should expect from the movie, she answered, “You get to see how far Samara’s willing to go to get somebody.”

She warned us that Samara never sleeps, that she is back and is here to stay.

The Rings prank video went viral days before Chianakas and I talked to Morgan and it was amazing to get her side of it. Morgan explained that it took a lot of prep work and that the crew did an amazing job.

“It was a riot!  My job is to freak you out,” she said.  According to the video, she did just that.

Towards the end of the interview Morgan gave some great advice to people coming into acting and stunt work.  

“Do what you love.  If it makes you happy, do it.  Be willing,” she advised.  

When she was signing off she addressed me, which I wasn’t expecting because I hadn’t talked in awhile.  She wished me luck in all my endeavors in life.  
She honestly broke every stereotype that celebrities are stuck up and rude.  She was truly a wonderful person to speak to and I am very glad I was able to attend the interview.  

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