The Powers at Be: December 2014

EAST PEORIA — In what turned out to be a pleasantly brief December meeting, the Illinois Central College Board of Trustees rapped up the calendar year by recapping recent enrollment research, pleasing the carpenters union and gaining a few hundred thousand dollars for debt reduction. The meeting began with the board approving ICC’s new four-year contract… Read More »

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At its June 21 meeting, the ICC board of trustees approved an initial FY15 budget, but a revised one was needed in August after a drop in state funding.

ICC Responds to Budget Cuts Without Cutting out Students

EAST PEORIA — The state of Illinois has cut $1 million from the Illinois Central College budget. In response, the college has had to find ways to compensate. “The discussion about the budget had been about being a balanced budget,” said Bruce Budde, executive vice president of administration and finance. “We were able to balance… Read More »

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Courtesy ICC

Campus Police Lay out New Rules for Campus

EAST PEORIA — The Illinois Central College Campus Police Department has given its officers another tool of authority that, it said, will help “achieve its goal of providing a safe, secure and productive learning and working environment.” Starting this semester, Campus Police will be able to issue Regulation Violation Notices (RVNs) to students for breaking… Read More »

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Campus Police Report August 2014

4:08 p.m. August 4 – ICC officers and the East Peoria Fire Department responded to a smoke alarm in the Caterpillar Tech building on East Peoria Campus.  There was no fire.  The alarm appeared to be triggered by vehicles running in the building. 5:00 p.m. August 6 – Vending machines in two women’s restrooms on… Read More »

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Students Leading Success

When many students first enter college, their feelings of excitement are often coupled with some fear and anxiety of the unknown. At this fall’s orientation, veteran Illinois Central College students are being enlisted to help welcome these new students and ease their transition into ICC. Abbie Alsene, manager of student activities at ICC, says that… Read More »

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Photo Courtesy MEGAN SMALL

ICC Student Elected to International Position

ORLANDO, FL ― With well more than two million members, the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society is the largest honor society in the world, and now for just the third time in PTK’s 96-year history, an Illinois Central College student has been elected one of its five international officers. On April 26 at the annual… Read More »

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New Guidelines for New Graduates

EAST PEORIA — Illinois Central College will be required to limit the number of individuals present at the 2014 Spring Commencement. In order to do this, ICC will be issuing tickets to each student who will be walking in the ceremony. “This is the first time that Illinois Central College has combined all of the… Read More »

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ICC: An International Community

EAST PEORIA ― Illinois Central College, while physically constrained to central Illinois, is expanding its cultural boundaries by creating offices meant to help students learn about the world beyond their native country without having to leave the Academic Building. On May 7, ICC held a ribbon cutting event for these two new offices . The… Read More »

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Out of SURSvice

EAST PEORIA ― While students are often at ICC to discover how to start their careers, changes in the state’s retirement system has left some ICC employees with this semester to decide how they want to end theirs. Late last year, the Illinois General Assembly passed a law, Senate Bill 0001, that was intended to… Read More »

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50 Years of Community Classrooms

EAST PEORIA —This year, the Illinois Community College Act (formerly the Junior College Act) will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. In 1964, the groundwork was set for a piece of legislation that would forever change the landscape of higher education within Illinois. The Illinois Community College Act gave communities the opportunity to create an institution… Read More »

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