Make Sure Your Studying Doesn’t Go To Waste

Finals are Approaching, Get the Most Out of Your Studying

By Rachel Klein


Finals at ICC start tomorrow, Tuesday May 9.  Have you started studying?  Whether you have or not, here are some tips to get your through this week.


Studying is the worst, we know.  Here are some great tips that will hopefully help you absorb as much information as possible to get the best grade.


    • Start Early – You will retain information much more easily if you’ve been going over or practicing it for more time.  
    • Attend Study Sessions – Whether it’s with your entire class, with your teacher, or just with a couple friends from the class, they might catch anything you have wrong and you can ask them questions about things you’re unsure about.


  • Create Your Own Study Guide/Make Notecards – You have to quiz yourself to learn.  If you’re just reading or writing the content you can’t really know if you will be able to retain it.
  • Take Short Breaks – Do not study for hours on end.  If you give your mind some breaks you won’t get distracted as much if you didn’t take breaks.
  • Stay Well-Rested – We know cramming consists of studying all night long.  But if you start early you don’t have to cram and you can get plenty of naps and sleep all night long.
  • Talk It Out/Teach Others – If you truly know it, you’ll be able to teach it.  Try talking about it to one of your parents, friends or classmates.
  • Create A Study Schedule – If you plan out your days down to when you will go to class, eat, workout, sleep and most importantly study you will have a good idea of how much you will know for your finals.  
  • Study For The Type Of Exam Your Final Will Be – If you teacher has laid out what it will be then study for that.  If it’s a written exam, know what you need to have memorized, and keep examples in mind.  If it’s multiple choice, know definitions and key terms.    
  • Make It Fun – Make a game out of it.  Quiz your classmates for rewards.  Enter the information in online games.  Or make a rule that every ten definitions you memorize you get to watch an episode of tv or play with your dog.



Hopefully some or all of these study tips will help you get the best grade possible on your finals this semester.  

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