ICC Kicks-off 50th Anniversary Celebration with Peoria Campus Open House

Public relations students, Grace Noice (right) and Amanda Trueblood (left), helping visitors and handing out information about the open house.

Allie Tiller – ICC Harbinger

Illinois Central College hosted an open house at the Peoria Campus to celebrate their 50th anniversary Tuesday night.

The open house was held in the newly built student center and was the beginning of a year long celebration for the 50th anniversary of ICC. ICC President, Dr. Shiela Quirk-Bailey, offered her opening remarks at 5pm in the student center.

Throughout the night, tours, demonstrations, and sample classes were held in the student center and other buildings on campus. Each building held activities and demonstrations for the field they specialize in. The event was free and open to the public. Complementary shuttles and tours were available for visitors to explore the campus.

ICC’s first day of classes started on the East Peoria Campus on Sept. 18, 1997. Since then they have expanded their reach by adding a campus in Peoria. This past summer, the college built a student center at the Peoria campus which includes a library, an academic support center, a bookstore, campus dining, and student life. Cedar hall was also expanded for health careers.

“It’s very exciting,” Dr. Quirk-Bailey said. “You are winding things up from one point of view, one generation of the organization, and you really have the amazing opportunity to launch the next 50 years.”

Throughout the rest of the year, ICC will be organizing activities to commemorate this milestone. In Spring, they plan to hold a fundraising gala in the student center for the community to celebrate.

“It’s a very bright future for ICC and what we can do with and for the community,” said Dr. Quirk-Bailey. “I am very excited to be here.”

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