• A “New Life” For ICC Art Gallery
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    EAST PEORIA — In the late summer and early fall, when students and teachers return to classes, as September turns to October, there is a certain feeling throughout us all. Most feel supreme happiness with the changing leaves, the cool air and the pumpkin spice lattes. During this time, people feel happy just to be. […]

  • Symbols of Personal and Classical Mythologies
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    EAST PEORIA— On Aug. 21, the ICC Performing Arts Center opened a new exhibit called “Skalded in Oil” by Sean J. White, showing his work of oil on canvas. His work has been seen across the Midwest. According to his website, White’s work blends of storytelling of pulp covers, comic books and graphic novels with […]

  • “It’s a Love Weekend.”
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    EAST PEORIA— Playing the music of Karen Carpenter, Lisa Rock and her 6-piece band packed Illinois Central College’s Performing Arts Center on Aug. 31 with fans of Carpenter’s love songs for the first show of the 2013-2014 guest artist series at ICC.   The night was filled with laughter and applause for both the band […]

  • We the Students…
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    The first thing I would like to do is welcome
all of the students, new, old and in between, back to another year at Illinois Central College. From the freshman just graduating high school to our sophomores applying for transfer and our veterans of ICC who just love it too much to leave, I’m sure everyone […]

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