• Student Project Showcases Local Farmers
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    EAST PEORIA — Professor Paul Resnick’s English 111 classes and Professor Anastasia Samoylova’s Photography-1 Art 140 class have come together on a Service Learning Project. The purpose of the project is to combine classroom learning objectives with real-world applications to benefit the students. Students from both courses went on field-trips to interview farmers as well as […]

  • Word on the Street — ICC Visited by a Deer Friend
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    At 8:00 a.m. on Saturday Nov. 2, a young male deer wandered into the courtyard of ICC’s East Peoria Academic Building and jumped into and out of the building through the glass of two closed windows. The biology lab in 222A was wrecked in the process. The deer was then corralled away by several individuals […]

  • Pantry to Fight Winter Hunger
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    EAST PEORIA — Beginning Nov. 1 ICC will be hosting a food pantry to collect food for those who may need it come December. The Pantry will be sponsored by Sigma Kappa Delta, the Human Services Club and the ICC Intercultural Diversity Committee and will be intended to be source of sustenance for any underprivileged students. […]

  • Sustainability at ICC Part 1 of 3: Wind Turbine Still Up In the Air
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    EAST PEORIA — Eight and a half years ago, Illinois Central College paid to have a study done on whether or not the East Peoria Campus could support a wind turbine generator as a source of “renewable energy,” and after all this time, it is still unclear what the future holds for a windmill on campus. […]

  • Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks: Larisa O’Keefe
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    EAST PEORIA — People tend to turn and look as Larisa O’Keefe walks by in the halls of Illinois Central College, but it is not her that catches their eye, it is O’Keefe’s four-year-old, Ember. While any four-year-old would attract a bit of attention in a college, Ember is especially noticeable because she’s a little pit […]

  • Students Into the Future
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    EAST PEORIA — The Office of Student Activities is undergoing a slight facelift this month, sporting a new title while continuing to reach out to students. For decades, ICC’s Office of Student Activities, located in office 305B in the East Peoria Academic Building, has been a place for students to go for tasks like joining student […]

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