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Behind the Scenes

Commentary By Russell Trockur When people go and watch a play they get sucked into the story. With colorful characters, amazing sound, and some wonderful scenes and when it’s done well enough the scenery itself becomes a character. Places that most people could never travel to, places taken right out of time. But one thing […]

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Opening Art Receptions

The new art exhibit located in the Academic Building, in room 336B, will hold it’s opening reception on October 19, 2016 from 12 to 2 PM. Come meet Bethany Carlson, and view her exhibit, “all will fragment.”   On November 9th, the opening reception for the Performance Arts Center, located at East Campus ICC, will take […]

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About the Artists From “Making a Mark” Student Gallery

By: Kylee Jennings Kelsi Roth “I have been drawing my whole life. In high school I started working my way up through the art classes. I got up to the highest level and I kind of got to do what ever I wanted and my teacher really tried to help me expand what I was […]

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Rachel Singel – 500 Years of Jewish Life in Venice

BY: KYLEE JENNINGS The Venetian Jewish ghetto is the first ghetto ever in existence, and 2017 will mark its 500th anniversary. Rachel Singel took this opportunity to return to Venice for 2 months to become more intimate with the city’s deep history and culture. Singel has mastered the technique of creating minimalistic pieces that also […]

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New Art Exhibits at ICC

Two new art shows opened today at the ICC East Peoria campus. They will run from February 17 through March 11, 2016. The first, an exhibition of the works of artist Michael Hopkins featuring X-ray images and will be displayed in the lobby of the ICC Performing Arts Center. His series of images has been […]

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Builder Her a Myth Art Review

Artist Builds a Myth By: Rebecca Schlosser Inside the Tech Center at ICC, is the latest art gallery “Build Her a Myth” by artist Carrie Ann Schumacher. The display is centered around dresses made entirely from the pages of romance novels and magazines.They are breathtaking to behold and serve a symbolic purpose. According to the […]

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