A Scene of Victory

By Lane Hardy

ICC students took first in September during the Dick Blick art competition where they competed against seven other teams from colleges around the state. The four person team worked against the clock to create a mural in an hour and a half that matched the theme of fall.

Between the talents of artists Paul Senneff, Abby Schute, Cassie Robbins, and Erik Scot, the team finished the hour and a half with a depiction of a autumn evening lakeside bonfire.

“This was my first time hearing about the competition, and being a very competitive person who has a passion for art.. it definitely sparked an interest.”, said Robbins.

Robbins, who is an art major, knew only half of the team before going into the competition, but became fast friends by the end.

“We were prepared, and ready to work together as a team.. talking strategy almost the whole way there. As the competition went on, our team only grew stronger. We worked really well together. Used each person’s strengths and ideas.”, she said.

The competition was fierce, as noted by the jurist, noted Burlington IA artist, David Garrison.

“I could see that each group was serious about their intentions.”, he said, and added, “The entries were interesting….everything from abstract to realism.”

Garrison, who has been a full time artist for 45 years, feels the competition is a valuable experience for students. He was asked to judge by Kevin Tryell, the organizer of the competition who is also the manager of the outlet store where it is held.

The Blick Art Supply store is a chain with a long history. Started in 1911 by Dick Blick and his wife in Galesburg Illinois, the company grew over the years to become a prominent provider of art supplies through Illinois. It hosts the competitions twice a year to contribute to the art community.

By the end the artists, covered in paint, finished their work which stood out among contenders.

Robbins concluded, “When you looked at our painting.. you didn’t just see a fall night, our painting took you to that fall night. It made you remember the way a warm bonfire, made you feel on a cool starry night. I believe that’s why our piece was chosen to win. Our piece was more than a painting, it was a memory.”


Pictured: Cassie Robbins, Abby Shute, Paul Sennef, Erik Scot Keith, Tim Griffith

Photo by Tim Griffith

Photo by Tim Griffith


Photo by Tim Griffith

Photo by Tim Griffith

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