Harbinger recognized at ICCJA conference

EAST PEORIA – The Illinois Community College Journalism Association held its 41st Annual Spring Conference and awards banquet in Utica, IL last Thursday and Friday, where Illinois Central College’s Harbinger magazine received a total of 14 awards. The ICCJA Spring Conference assembled community colleges from all over the state of Illinois, including Illinois Valley, Black… Read More »


Finding a better Pell Grant

EAST PEORIA ― Congresswoman Cheri Busto headed a roundtable press-conference, which involved financial aid advisors, admissions administrators and students, at Illinois Central College on Tuesday to showcase her efforts to increase financial support available to college students. Students often rely on financial assistance from programs, such as the Pell Grant, to finance their college educations…. Read More »


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DeMarcus McNeil is now working in the ICC General Operations department, but it wasn't long ago that he was a musical hit in Germany.

Iraq, Germany and R&B: The unlikely tale of an ICC maintenance man

EAST PEORIA — Walking through the halls of ICC, one sees many faces and without giving it a second thought, walks on. When we take the time to meet the person behind the face, we find that someone always has something interesting about themselves. Case in point: DeMarcus McNeil. On top of working at ICC,… Read More »


Elephant’s Graveyard: March to Murder

EAST PEORIA — “There was a town. There was a circus. There was a railroad. There was an elephant.” Illinois Central College Theatre Program is currently performing George Brant’s “Elephant’s Graveyard,” directed by Robin Berkley. It is based on the true, tragic tale of a traveling circus elephant. In September of 1916, in the small… Read More »


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Softball PINK game to support player’s mom

EAST PEORIA — On Wednesday, ICC Softball (18-14) will host Parkland (17-19) in their annual Pink Game, which fundraises for cancer patients. This year the Cougars will be supporting one of their own. Sophomore Paige Korten’s mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in August 2014. The sophomore from Pocatello, Idaho has been away from her… Read More »

ICC softball won first place in regionals in 1980. They went on to win third in the nation that year.
Photo courtesy TONYA GILLES-KOCH

ICC softball: continuing the storied tradition

EAST PEORIA — When Coach Lorene Ramsey came to Illinois Central College forty years ago, it was the beginning of the ICC softball program. Since then, the sport of softball has changed a lot, but ICC’s heritage of success has continued. That heritage was revisited with a recent visit from one of ICC’s first softball… Read More »


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Photo Courtesy ICC

It’s “All in the Timing”

EAST PEORIA — From the moment one walks into the small studio theatre, it is obvious that the show being presented revolves around time. From the music that is playing in the background, to the clock pieces that are suspended above the set, the play is truly “All in the Timing.” This week Illinois Central… Read More »

These mini pies will give your taste buds a refreshing zip that will make you yearn for spring.

Key lime mini pies

Try this quick, tangy dessert the next time you get a sweet tooth. 2 tube of sugar cookie dough 3 cups of sweetened condensed milk 1 cup of sour cream 1 cup of squeezed or bottled key lime juice 3 tbs. grated lime zest (from two limes) 2 additional limes 1/2 cup roasted coconut 1 can… Read More »


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From the editor — March 2015

In the last issue of the Harbinger, the article “Obama Proposes Free Community College” reported on President Barack Obama’s proposal to make a two-year community college education something that is available to Americans with no out-of-pocket cost. After unveiling the so named “America’s College Promise” via a press video in early January, the president pushed… Read More »

From the editor — February 2015

I know a man who is quite simply admirable. He built his own house, raised a family in it and could fill it with music. He worked honestly, was an inventor and became a tradesman in more ways than one. Regardless of age, he always keeps a youthful spirit and drive. He is one of… Read More »